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Dragonball Z Galactia

What is Dragonball?

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For people who have never heard of Dragonball, Dragonball Z or Dragonball GT or don't know what they're about you can read this to help you understand what is going on.

Dragonball follows the story of Goku, a small boy with a tail and unusual strength. He and a girl named Bulma begin a search for seven mysterious orange balls with stars on them so that they can be granted one wish. Along the way Goku meets Master Roshi, an old man who teaches martial arts. Goku begins studying how to fight with Master Roshi and while doing so meets the boy who becomes his best friend, Krillan. Goku meets many other characters like these and also competes in the world martial arts tournament. As Goku wanders the earth looking for the Dragonballs he has to stop evil men, women and demons from also collecting them, most of these want to wish to be king of the world or be immortal. This story was designed for younger children as it has a lot of stupid things in it and never gets to serious.
Dragonball Z
This is set many years after Dragonball. Everything is now peaceful and Goku is now married and has a son. All of Goku's friends have settled down and everything seems fine. But one day Goku's brother Raditz arrives and tells him that he is a Saiyan, an alien from outer space. This marks the start of a new set of adventures for Goku and his friends. It also marks the apperance of the transformation to a Super-saiyan. This is when a Saiyan's hair turns gold (it looks more like yellow) and their strength, speed and toughness is increased hugely. This stroy was designed for slightly older people as it is a lot more serious and features regular deaths.
Dragonball GT
This is set a few years after the last Dragonball Z. In this story Goku has been accidently turned into a child by his nemisis as a child, Emperor Pilaf wishing on the Black star Dragonballs. Goku is also told that if he does not collect the Black star Dragonballs within one year, the earth will explode! The problem is, the Black star Dragonballs are spread through out the whole universe! Goku and Trunks (Bulma's son) set out in their space ship to recover the Black star Dragonballs before it's to late. But little do they no they have a stow-away. Goku's Granddaughter, Pan has snuck onto the ship to come along with them. The story follows the three warriors as they look for the Black star dragonballs along the way fighting extremely strong forces that are stronger than anything they have fought before. This also marks the apperence of the transformation to Super-saiyan 4. this is slightly different to the other super-saiyan transformations as the person gets red fur all over their body and keeps their original hair colour.