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Dragonball Z Galactia

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Welcome to Dragonball Z Galactia, here you can find pictures, some music and other cool Dragonball Z stuff

If you want to know about karate click here.

Have added a new section to the website, Other cool stuff. I have also got rid of the forum and added a questions page.
If you can think of another section that needs adding then e-mail me.
I have added, four new picture sections - Animations, Bad Guys, Piccolo and Other. I hope you like them. E-mail me with comments.
I have added another section - Animations/GIF's, this goes over animations in a much more detailed way. - This idea was contributed by Fred.
I have mended the Gohan pictures link and have added a new pictures catagory - Gogeta and Vegetto. I have added a few more pictures to the Gohan section and added an animation to the Vegeta section.
I have added a new section - What is Dragonball? This basically explains what Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT are about. I have added a few more tunes and a Versus animations section. Also there is a new section of my own animations coming soon.
I have added a Movies section and added two new animation catagories: My animations and Submitted animations. If you have an animation of your own that you want added then e-mail it to me and i will add it to the Submited animatons catagories.